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Weather Monitoring Applications

Weather webcams are all the rage, but they don't tell the whole story of what's going on up in the sky. The All Sky Cam shows you the entire sky and even some of the ground around it, thanks to its 190 degree field of view. The live, full motion video output of the camera connects to your TV set to display a full color view of clouds, precipitation, and other phenomena.

What You Can See

  • Cloud type
  • Cloud direction and speed
  • Precipitation
  • Lightning
  • Rainbows
  • Halos
  • Nearby trees


Solar power operators: With specialized algorithms, the camera can be used to provide short term predictions of local solar irradiance in order to forecast plant output on timescales of minutes to an hour.

Weather enthusiasts: Keep an eye on the entire sky while at your TV or home office. See cloud and precipitation types instantly, and spot unusual cloud formations you would otherwise miss.

Weathercasters: Give your audience a unique perspective on the sky, by showing time lapse videos of storms. For extra appeal, position it in view of a local landmark. In a downtown area, towering skyscrapers can add excitement when they deflect clouds.

Storm chasers1: Most vehicles have poor visibility up and behind a vehicle, and getting surprised by a funnel cloud on top of you can really ruin your day. The All Sky Cam can give you the situational awareness you need to stay clear of tornadoes.

Airport FBOs: Set up the All Sky Cam feeding a television in a common area to give folks inside an idea of what the weather is doing outside.

1 Please note that the glass dome is not rated to withstand severe hail. For mobile usage we recommend protecting the ASC under an acrylic dome. Storm damage is not covered by warranty, but replacement glass domes may be purchased conveniently.

Sample Images

Thunderstorm front:
We experience severe weather every year here in Warrensburg, Missouri at the Moonglow Technologies offices. Tornado watches and warnings are a normal part of springtime life. This cloud front followed a strong gust front.
The new Image Stack feature in version 1.1 of ASC Uploader eases the capture of daytime lightning.
Mammatus clouds:
Associated with strong thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes, Mammatus clouds are usually only visible for a few minutes before an approaching strong storm. Keeping an eye on the All Sky Cam can give you a heads up that a storm is approaching fast.
Colorful sunset:
Never miss a colorful sunrise or sunset again, with the All Sky Cam and the archiving features of the ASC Uploader package.
Precipitation shows up graphically - with rain and snowfall easily distinguished. As soon as precip starts falling, you'll see it.
22° Sun halo:
Ice crystal halos are a beautiful phenomenon that can occur around the Sun or Moon.
Altocumulus clouds:
You may notice the leaves are off the trees, as this image was taken in February. Spot seasonal changes with the archive function of the All Sky Cam Uploader package.

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